The duo of doom/sludge – like being punched in your face by a mammoth. Slow and crushing riffs melting together with the brickle icicle vibrations. There is no tomorrow.
The band will release it’s first full lenght called “Eos” this autumn.


The Deadists

Sweden post hardcore/metal band will represent it’s brand new EP “Time Without Light”. CD release will contain 1 bonus track “Blizzard Of Nails”. “Time Without Light” is produced by Svein Jensen (M.A.N; Hide the Knives, Sister Sin, Outshine, Transport League) and mastered by Göran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N.)

The Death Of Her Money

“The Death of Her Money” hail from South Wales UK, having spent the last five years finding their way to something that offer’s a unique take on heavy music, to explain what it sounds like is not a very easy thing. Constructed from improv, TDOHM’s spacious, simplistic driving rhythms and a sound that flows down to the dark pit via strange discordant melody, off-kilter chordal progression’s accompanied by intense screamed vocals and layers of feedback that crack through the battered beast that will go down fighting.
The band will represent it’s second album called “You Are Loved”.