Unique label compilation to be released soon.
Each part contains brand new 2010 track, track from the upcoming releases in 2011, and some exclusive never seen before tracks.
Compilation will be released on CD format in very limited quantity only as an addition to the 2nd number of the Voice Of Solitude newspaper (written only in Russian).
Compilation also will be available as a digital download for all news subscribers.

Slow Burn Records Compilation:

1. A Cold Dead Body – Collapse
2. Somnolent – Emptiness Beyond The Horizon
3. Talbot – Observer X
4. The Deadists – Infinite Self
5. Catacombe – Anna-Liisa
6. The Death Of Her Money – Enguelades
7. Fading Waves – Megapolis Depression
8. Steny Lda – O-M-G
9. Starchitect – No It
10. Catacombe – Supernova
11. A Cold Dead Body – Divinity

Link for download
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