Format: Cardboard Sleeve CD
Release Date: 18.12.2010
Country: Portugal

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Debut album of Portuguese band Catacombe uniquely combines modern metal and post rock. Developing the ideas of their first EP “Memoirs” the band makes a pronouncing step of their way of creating memorable sound. The music features fine guitar passages, heavy riffs and complex melodic constructions. The album was recorded in January/March 2010 at Soundvision Studios.Mastering is performed by James Plotkin (Isis, Khanate, Pelican, Earth). The CD comes in noble Cardboard (Mini LP) Sleeve.


1. Grundsatz
2. Supernova
3. Anna-Liisa
4. Memoirs (extended)
5. Cavalgada Epica
6. Mockba
7. Sequoia