Format: CD
Release Date: 30.05.2012
Country: Italy

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Debut conceptual work by Italian band Whales And Aurora represents classical post metal. If you can imagine a mixture of melodic passages typical for ISIS, powerful guitar riffs in the vein of early Pelican and energetic vocals of Cult of Luna, you know what can be found at «The Shipwreck». Despite this fact, the music features some originality creating emotional landscapes in all seven tracks of the new album. The album is recorded at Raptor Studio and produced by Matteo “Ciube” Tabacco and Chris Dowhan from Planet Red Studios who also worked with Giant, Spitfire, Night Like These and The Black Dahlia Murder.


1. Refused Recounting Words
2. Achieving the Unavoidable
3. The Aground Hard-ship
4. Abandoned Among Echoes
5. Awakened by the Aurora
6. A New Awareness
7. Floating on Calm Waters