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Whales and Aurora signed to Slow Burn Records for release of “The Shipwreck” album in may 2012. “The Shipwreck” is the result of several days of hard work. It is a concept album that brings the listener, step by step, to a negative status of consciousness; a desperate, black and white vision which arrives to an apathetic acceptation of things as they are. Passing by different chapters and different emotional landscapes, the bad journey described by W&A is composed by 7 tracks. Recorded at Raptor Studio with producer Matteo “Ciube” Tabacco and Chris Dowhan from Planet Red Studios (Virginia, USA), who worked with bands such Giant, Spitfire, Night Like These and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Whales and Aurora’s project was born at the beginning of 2008 as a 3-piece band, with former members of LaPeste.
Coming from different musical realities, W&A decided to focus on the emotional impact of sound engaging in a open minded musical research.

Label Compilation 2011

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Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan Music and Slow Burn Records presents new 2011 promo compilations. Each compilation – is a label’s summary for a 2011 year. All presented tracks are FULL no cuts this time.
Compilations won’t be released on CD format and only available as a FREE digital download. However we’ll make a 1 CD short promo compilation which will be included for free in each order made in January.

Slow Burn Records Compilation 2011

01. Grown Below – Trojan Horses They Ride (13:39)
02. Grown Below – Devoid Of Age (4:10)
03. Fading Waves – Destroying The Time (8:13)
04. Fading Waves – Perforate The Sky (9:08)
05. Reido – Arhat (4:46)
06. Reido – Degeneration Cycle (5:54)
07. Drawers – Caput Mortuum Ocean (4:16)
08. Drawers – Ivory Lighthouse (6:47)
09. Somnolent – Chrysakis Verge (Part II Tearing Out) (6:57)
10. Somnolent – Solipsistic Exfolation (7:15)
11. Starchitect – Light (3:51)
12. Starchitect – Silence (7:37)
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Solitude Productions Compilation 2011

01. Mare Infinitum – Sea Of Infinity (9:47)
02. Funeral – Your Pain Is Mine (7:47)
03. Heavy Lord – Fear The Beard (7:53)
04. Stangala – Al Lidou Esoterik An Dolmen Hud (7:36)
05. Fangtooth – Father (5:53)
06. Night Of Suicide – Desire (11:05)
07. Abstract Spirit – Post Mortem (11:20)
08. Comatose Vigil – Autophobia (23:15)
09. The Undergrave Experience – Mater Mortalis Tenebrarum (24:21)
10. Septic Mind – Doomed To Sin (18:43)
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BadMoodMan Music Compilation 2011

01. In Loving Memory – Even A God Can Die (6:43)
02. (Echo) – The Coldest Land (9:09)
03. Raventale – These Days Of Sorrow (5:50)
04. Kamlath – One Tired Wise (6:45)
05. The Sullen Route – Hysteria (5:37)
06. Tears Of Mankind – So Long And Recently (8:22)
07. Benighted In Sodom – Chains Of Bliss (7:30)
08. The Morningside – The Trees: Part One (12:38)
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Format: CD
Release Date: 11.11.2011
Country: Belarus

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The second long-awaited album from a Belarusian band after a five-years–long pause lasted since the debut album «F:\all»!
At the new album called «Minus Eleven» the band progresses from apocalyptic funeral doom metal towards sludge doom metal with math metal rhythmics. Special attention was paid to sound: the musicians worked hard on it in order to provide the listener with extreme and powerful material in its primordial form.
«Minus Eleven» expresses the idea of asociality, estrangement from the world and reality as a whole. Violence tendency, depression, misanthropy, recognition of life senselessness: all these elements are the parts of Reido world-view which were expressed in their music and it will surely suit the fans of extreme doom metal.


1. Violence & Destruction
2. Degeneration Cycle
3. Arhat
4. I Saw His Mask Fall
5. The Six-Day War
6. Human Dysfunction
7. Flows & Eruptions

Format: CD
Release Date: 31.10.2011
Country: Russia

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The first full-length album of Fading Waves presents the music of the band from a different side. The album includes five tracks filled with air, senses of flight and endless space. “The Sense Of Space” consists of experience which is hard to formulate or describe, it only can be felt, also by means of this album. The beautiful artwork of the CD perfectly corresponds to the atmosphere and emotions of the Fading Waves music, while perfect performance and mastering will suit even the most hard-to-please listeners.


1. Air
2. Flashes
3. Destroying The Time
4. Perforate The Sky
5. Through The Veins

British sludgers The Death of Her Money and Ukrainian post-metalists Starchitect are calmly packing their cases and announce their Ukrainian and Russian tour under the name of “You Are Loved”. The tour will take place from 4 to 16 of November, 2011.

04.11.11 — Kiev
05.11.11 — Sumi
06.11.11 — Kharkov
07.11.11 — Dnepropetrovsk
08.11.11 — Krivoi Rog
09.11.11 — Vosnesensk
10.11.11 — Zhytomyr
11.11.11 — Khmenitsky
12.11.11 — Rovno
13.11.11 — Lviv
15.11.11 — Moscow
16.11.11 — St-Peterburg


Format: CD
Release Date: 24.10.2011
Country: France

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The first full-lengh from the French band Drawers called “All is One”. Concept album about a sailor crossing the ocean to find its nemesis, 12 titles with the accents to Heavy Sludge and Stoner in the line of Mastodon, Crowbar or Baroness.


1. Caput Mortuum Ocean
2. Grey Sailor
3. Black Queen
4. Ivory Lighthouse
5. Blue Keel
6. Silver Hand
7. Purple Ride
8. Red Ballet
9. Electric Seat
10. Golden Adieu
11. Muddy Smoke
12. Azurite Constellation

Format: Digi-CD
Release Date: 26.09.2011
Country: Belgium

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The debut album of a Belgian band Grown Below “The Long Now” presents another approach to mixture of such genres as post rock and sludge metal. The band succeeded to find their unique composition and sound. “The Long Now” will surely be appreciated by fans of such bands as Isis, Mouth Of The Architect and, especially, Cult Of Luna. The CD comes as a limited edition digipack with a booklet.


1. Trojan Horses
2. Devoid of Age
3. The Abyss
4. Minaco II – Nebula
5. End of All Time
6. The Long Now
7. Malklara

Moscow quartet EndName that makes art in self-called genre math-doom now introduce their new work. Second full length album is called “Antropomachy”. This is their two year 75 min research in fields of doom, math, noise and drone. Eight epic tracks about the creation of the world, mind and struggle.

1. Black Light
2. Neuros[e]
3. Under Asphalt
4. Old Star
5. Clouds Fly to the East
6. Not Dead
7. Horizon
8. Anthropomachy

CD available in our shop!

Band website:

Grown Below – The Long Now available for preorder here. Track from album you can listen in flash player on our site.

TALBOT – Tour De Balalaika 2011

Here’s the tour schedule:

02.09.2011 Griboedov (St.Petersburg, RU)
03.09.2011 TIR Club(Pskov, RU)
04.09.2011 A-Club (Smolensk, RU)
05.09.2011 Arya Music Shop (Bryansk, RU)
06.09.2011 TBA (Tula, RU)
07.09.2011 Pantera Club (Lipeck, RU)
08.09.2011 Tarantul Club (Voronezh, RU)
09.09.2011 Zahvat Club (Penza, RU)
10.09.2011 Solaris (Tolyatti, RU)
11.09.2011 Podval Club (Izhevsk, RU)
12.09.2011 TBA (Kazan’, RU)
14.09.2011 TBA (Kostroma, RU)
15.09.2011 Perekrestok (Ribinsk, RU)
16.09.2011 Hole Place (Tver’, RU)
17.09.2011 Shokoladnaya Fabrica Art-Club (Moscow, RU)
18.09.2011 Slam Bar (Ramenskoye, RU)
19.09.2011 Wild Club (Egoryevsk, RU)
21.09.2011 Kontinent Club (Belgorod, RU)
22.09.2011 Jara Club (Har’kov, UA)
23.09.2011 Papa Protif Club (Dnepropetrovsk, UA)
24.09.2011 Praim Club (Kiev, UA)
25.09.2011 Berloga Pub (Cherkassi, UA)

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