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Format: MCD
Release Date: 05.12.2010
Country: Sweden

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Swedish band The Deadists cannot be definitely classified: featuring sound elements of such different bands as Black Sabbath, Entombed, Hawkwind, High On Fire, Sleep, The Melvins and Neurosis they created their own unique sound. Fans of modern metalcore will love their powerful guitar riffs. Persent EP “Time Without Light” unlike its digital version features hidden track “Blizzard Of Nails”. Mastered by Goran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N.).


1. Woven
2. Human Stain
3. Infinite Self
4. Deeper Within
5. Chase The Giving + Bonus Track

Format: Digi CD
Release Date: 01.12.2010
Country: UK

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New work of British band The Death Of Her Money features traditions laid in their previous albums while demonstrating higher level of songwriting and sound performance. The album is kept in the vein of best representatives of modern post metal scene. First 500 copies come in digipak format.


1. Held Hands
2. Enguelades
3. Missing Time
4. Truth
5. Maya Deren
6. New Bodily Functions
7. Tonality Of Despair

BURN 002-10 Talbot – Eos

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Format: Digi CD
Release Date: 01.12.2010
Country: Estonia

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The first full-length album of Estonian duet Talbot attract attention by its originality: the although the music is played without a guitar, it features fine melodies and solid sound, while sound blast created by bass and drums can serve as a standard for other modern bands. Talbot music features elements of various music genres from post rock to traditional doom metal thus creating unique atmosphere and memorable sound. The CD as a digipak. Limited edition 500 copies.


1. Threshold
2. Cayenne
3. Observer X
4. Eos
5. Combat Zen Speech
6. The Van Of Pleasant Living
7. Coach

Label Compilation 2010

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Unique label compilation to be released soon.
Each part contains brand new 2010 track, track from the upcoming releases in 2011, and some exclusive never seen before tracks.
Compilation will be released on CD format in very limited quantity only as an addition to the 2nd number of the Voice Of Solitude newspaper (written only in Russian).
Compilation also will be available as a digital download for all news subscribers.

Slow Burn Records Compilation:

1. A Cold Dead Body – Collapse
2. Somnolent – Emptiness Beyond The Horizon
3. Talbot – Observer X
4. The Deadists – Infinite Self
5. Catacombe – Anna-Liisa
6. The Death Of Her Money – Enguelades
7. Fading Waves – Megapolis Depression
8. Steny Lda – O-M-G
9. Starchitect – No It
10. Catacombe – Supernova
11. A Cold Dead Body – Divinity

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Added tracks and covers for our next releases

Release Plan for 2010:
BURN 002-10 Talbot – Eos
BURN 003-10 The Death Of Her Money – You Are Loved
BURN 004-10 The Deadists – Time Without Light
BURN 005-10 Steny Lda – Steny Lda (Walls of Ice)
BURN 006-10 A Cold Dead Body – Harvest Years
BURN 007-10 Catacombe – Kinetic

We are proud to announce signing of 2 new great bands.

Catacombe (Portugal)

Steny Lda (Russia)

Both releases are scheduled for the end of 2010.


The duo of doom/sludge – like being punched in your face by a mammoth. Slow and crushing riffs melting together with the brickle icicle vibrations. There is no tomorrow.
The band will release it’s first full lenght called “Eos” this autumn.

The Deadists

Sweden post hardcore/metal band will represent it’s brand new EP “Time Without Light”. CD release will contain 1 bonus track “Blizzard Of Nails”. “Time Without Light” is produced by Svein Jensen (M.A.N; Hide the Knives, Sister Sin, Outshine, Transport League) and mastered by Göran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N.)

The Death Of Her Money

“The Death of Her Money” hail from South Wales UK, having spent the last five years finding their way to something that offer’s a unique take on heavy music, to explain what it sounds like is not a very easy thing. Constructed from improv, TDOHM’s spacious, simplistic driving rhythms and a sound that flows down to the dark pit via strange discordant melody, off-kilter chordal progression’s accompanied by intense screamed vocals and layers of feedback that crack through the battered beast that will go down fighting.
The band will represent it’s second album called “You Are Loved”.

New signings

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This autumn we’ll release the debut album of Italian band A Cold Dead Body (

Reviews report

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Fading Waves / Starchitect – SplitCD:

Antichrist Magazine 5/10
Temple Of Doom Metal: Fading Waves 12/20, Strachitect 11/20
Pavillion666 7/10
Atmosfear Magazine 7/10

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